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Inception is that first phase; defining the issue, creating concepts, mining existing knowledge. Chive works with you to ensure at the very start of our partnership that no stone is left unturned and that whatever solution is proposed is built on solid foundations.

Knowledge Audit
Knowledge Mine
Issue Identification
<a name="inception" id="inception"></a>Inception
the process of forming ideas


Critical for commercial growth is knowing your customers.
Our maxim is one of: “You can only get into their pockets if you first get onto their heads.”
Let us get into those heads for you!

<a name="knowledge" id="knowledge"></a>Knowledge
critical for commercial growth


Work is only great and knowledge insightful if it is absorbed into a company’s very being. It is essential that knowledge is integrated into the company, without integration it’s very simple – time & money wasted.

Interactive & Workshop Debriefs
Strategic Planning
Market Models
Road Shows
Issue Identification
<a name="integration" id="integration"></a>Integration
Integration is key


Bright ideas should be implemented in the appropriate way. We work with a network of partners to ensure our deliverables are of the highest order. We are comfortable with working with your other strategic partners – we positively welcome it.

We work with you as a partner, we deliver so that you can deliver.
It also defines our whole modus operandi.
Chive is a small consultative agency built on experience and expertise, led by Sue Reast. However one man or indeed one woman can not be everything to all and so we work with a network of partners to ensure our deliverables are of the highest order.
This ensures that all those working on your business are highly experienced.

<a name="partnership" id="partnership"></a>Partnership
partnership... It's fundamental

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