A little bit about us…

Chive Insight & Planning was established by Sue Reast in 2006, following over 20 years experience in agency and client side research and planning. Chive is a full circle agency, from inception right through to integration within the business. Approaches include workshops, knowledge audits, ideation brainstorms, qualitative techniques, quantitative methodologies and hybrids, as with most things , one size and colour does not fit all!

A fundamental tenet of Chive is one of partnership. Partnership with you, the client to achieve your aims, we work with you, with common purpose, ensuring high quality solutions to your business issues.

Chive’s business is based on bringing you the best of all possible worlds: dedicated expertise of a small consultative agency coupled with partnerships with like minded experts.

Chive Insight have a broad market experience, particularly:

  • Healthcare
    • Pharmaceutical
    • OTC
  • Personal care
  • FMCG
  • Retail
  • Financial

Chive Insight has experience across six of the seven continents.

Sue Reast

Sue Reast
Feel free to contact Sue, her mobile is 07815 060359 or her email is suereast@chive-insight.com